If you're a business founder or entrepreneur, you're very well aware of the crisis businesses have been going through recently. 

We planned and delivered this virtual summit in partnership with Oman Arab Bank, relatively early on, when businesses had just started working from home, and the scale of impact was yet to be defined. 

However, the sessions are still relevant today as the guests share practical tips and advice on how to adapt during these unknown times.

You can view the recorded sessions today, by joining our membership. 



Adapt & Grow

If your business has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, how can you use this time to adapt and grow?

Leading through Uncertainty

Find strategies to support your employees and team by being a strong leader.

Financial Empowerment

How to best manage your finances during a crisis?





Banking Solutions in Crisis 
Ahmed Al Dhanki

Strategic role of Banks and VCs
Abdullah Al Shaksy, Mazin Al Namani & Al Salt Al Kharusi

How can Founders adapt during difficult times?

Khalid Al Haribi, Nadia Maqbool, Dr. Firas Al Abduwani

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