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Richard Kemp

Leadership & Capacity Building Expert for Economy 5.0

Richard focuses on delivering Economy 5.0 leadership training and capacity building that impacts on the national and global sector level. 


As Director of Cohort 2, of Oman’s National CEO Program, Richard has experience of delivering leadership at the global economic level. With programs for Oman’s National Training Fund, Richard has proven how to deliver high potential employees from an average cross-section of youth.


Richard's work leads to deep behaviour and business culture change through simple processes distilled from globally rigorous academic research.



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BeDo is a virtual event initiative catering to entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Middle East.


We believe that doing stems from being. Business owners and founders need to be empowered with the latest tools and learning, so they can build strong, resilient businesses. 

This is where we come in. To provide learning opportunities specifically catered to help you navigate these times, and grow your business.


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